Who's responsibility is it to reduce carbon emissions?

When a relatively few big industries produce a disproportionate amount of global greenhouse gasses, you could question why should small businesses have to accept responsibility for reducing their carbon

Well we are all at least indirectly responsible because as businesses and consumers, we rely on industrial processes and manufacturing methods that do produce enormous amounts of carbon. For example, in construction sectors, huge amounts of energy are used in the production of building materials and the same can be said for retail. A large proportion of products are imported, shipped, transported by road or flown thousands of miles. Plenty of small businesses rely on goods and products being delivered to their doors.

So while there are things we can do to reduce our individual business’ carbon footprints, should we also be taking action to offset some of the carbon emissions produced by the industries that supply us? And if so, how?

There are carbon offset schemes that do just that. Perhaps the most direct, cause-and-effect examples are those that plant trees to reverse industrial deforestation and literally soak up carbon emissions. The Billion Trees Project does just that and grows your business at the same time as you’re doing your bit to save the planet. Your customers can donate to the project simply and quickly by scanning a QR Code in your shop or café, or by clicking on a donate button on your website. You receive their compliant data ready for you to re-market to in the future. Trees get planted and carbon emissions are offset in the process.