What's the benefit of a feedback form?

Returning customers are less costly: Your CAC (customer acquisition cost) is already spent on them and does not need to be spent for them to purchase again. Your repeat customers will likely purchase more from your company again and again compared to new customers.

It is easier to sell to existing customers: Since they already trust you, these customers will probably purchase some of your more costly products or services. Since you have established that trust, you have lived up to their expectations for product quality, product cost, and customer service.

Repeat customers will keep on purchasing: When you are promoting your products or services to potential customers, then there is only a 13% chance that you can convince them to purchase. But there is a great difference if you promote them to a repeat customer since there is a 60% to 70% chance that they will make a purchase.

This is where RapidReg really helps you to pursue those repeat customers and get them to use your services more. By having their contact information and marketing to them you can inform them of new products, offers, events or just to say a friendly hello!