Possible to require us to accept booking before payment

Afternoon all,

Is there a way configure the system in such a way as to require us to be able to “approve” a booking that a customer has submitted BEFORE they can then make payment?

We need this ability so we can control who can book onto events before they pay their deposit, so we are not then having to deal with refunds and such for people we cannot accept bookings from. For example because of the type of activity we occasionally have to “ban” certain people from participating in future events for whateever reason, and need to ensure we can prevent these people from still booking and paying for slots, etc.


Hi, there’s not a way to do this directly inside RapidReg - most of the onboarding decisions were made to encourage as much conversion as possible instead of stop people from registering, but I understand your use case here.

Could you set up a form on your website to accept the registrations, and then send a link to RapidReg for those that you approve?

I guess it also depends on which process becomes more labour intensive - manually approving every registration, versus managing a few refunds.

We can certainly add this as a feature request though