[SOLVED] UKPSF forms needed

We had a zoom meeting with Chris and the UKPSF. He was going to put together forms for paintball sites. I also wanted to know if forms can be done in different languages.

Hi @combatzone

If you have accessed your account through the paintball page you should have the paintball form by default. It looks like this is the case for you.

The forms are configured by you so you can edit the language as you create a new form.

I hope this helps.

There was no links through the paintball page

Did you sign up through https://ukpsf.rapidreg.com ?

That should have given you the default paintball template.

All customer facing text is completely translatable, so if you need to have forms in different languages, you just need to edit the text when editing the form.

Remember to clone your items / forms so you don’t need to build each one from scratch.

Thank you. This is the first time I have seen this link.

Ah ha, we did give it to UKPSF to send out, but couldn’t send it directly as we don’t have everyone’s emails.

I hope it helps! We’re also available Monday - Friday from 9.30am if you want to give us a call using the number at the bottom of that page