[SOLVED] Payment shows orange not completed on registration

Ch#####_####.###@icloud.com Canoe Hire - 3 Seater Open Canoe Jul 1 2021 - 09:00 3 days ago View Registration 60.00 GBP

Hi The payment for this person on my registration shows in Orange with a cross (saying not gone through) However i go to stripe my payment platform and they have it and it has been paid into stripe…

Please can you let me know what is going on

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Hi Neil, thank you for reporting this. We have manually set your registration to show as paid. We will look into the cause behind this and let you know what we find.

UPDATE: we previously had a time limit on the on session checkout which had caused the registration not to be checked as paid if the customer took too long adding in details, this time limit has now been removed.

Kind regards,
The RapidReg Team