[SOLVED] NaN minutes popup when booking

I have set up the new booking system with 2 courses for select days and times.
For some reason this pop up keeps happening, saying
NaN minutes

I have tried to alter the times and dates but this keeps popping up.
How can this be corrected ASAP please?

Bumping for reply - have not heard back from RapidReg team.

It has been 2 days, with no response.
I have paid for the full subscription and cannot find a contact email address for this company.
Can someone please contact back ASAP with a way to fix this error. I have paid for the full 12 month subscription and will need a full refund if this issue is not resolved.

Apologies for the delay, it appears we have an issue with our notifications and were not alerted to this post.

This popup shows when a bookings duration is being extended, but the extension causes it to conflict with another booking.

The logic here is dependent on the duration, the additional time set in the drop-down options, and also other bookings already in the system - although the NaN (not a number) warning would suggest that there is an issue with the assigned durations.

While our developers look into this, can you ensure that your duration, frequency, and also the extended event length in the drop-down are all whole numbers, and do not contain any letters or non numeric characters?

@M.C.2021 Our developers have responded with good news, they have found the cause of the issue and released a patch. Please refresh your form and try it again, and you should no longer see the pop-up. I have accessed your form from my end and can now see it is working.

Once again, I sincerely apologise for this delay. As you can see, once we are alerted to an issue or support request, our team is fast to respond - in this case the failure was on our support forum and the notifications.

I will ensure this is resolved in the future - and will also take your advice from your email to display our support@rapidreg.com email more prominently.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and please reach out to us again if you need any further assistance.