[SOLVED] Incorrect Dynamic API field values showing on Live View

This is the first week I have tried rapid reg. On the live view, I have selected view by organiser, but the organisers name is not showing. It shows on the form but not the live view. Is there something I am doing wrong. I have attached a screen shot. Instead of the organisers name is says organizer_data_2 (second organiser on the list).


Hi Julian,

I have just been looking into this for you, and can see that the issue is with the “keyed” value your webhook is returning.

Look at the screenshot below from your API endpoint…

You can see that the “keyed” values are on the left and the “label” values are on the right. The labelled values are what show to the customer when they are completing the form, but the keyed values are what we store in the data field.

Please ask your developer to update the endpoint to have the same value for both key and label, and it will show you the labelled name in your live view.