Recurring Webinar

How do I create a fortnightly recurring webinar?
When I create a webinar the options I have for “When does this take place” are

  1. Open Registration
  2. Certain Dates

If I choose Open Registration, clients have some confusing options on registration asking them to pick a time.
If I choose Certain dates, There does not seem to be any recurring options. e.g. I would like to run the event every 14 days.

I would also like reminder emails to be sent to the recipients prior to each fortnightly event.

Is this possible?

To have an event run every 14 days, you would need to enter them manually into the calendar as currently it can only do weekly recurring not fortnightly.

You would need to choose “certain dates” as the option to do this and specify the recurring date and session times as the opening time.

If you then match the event duration to the opening times, it will give you one timeslot every 14 days for customers to choose.

Thanks for the suggestion. If I go down this path and manually set a calendar event every 14 days is it possible for the customer to register for all upcoming events and receive all notifications for these events in the future?

Customers will need to register for each event separately in order to confirm their place and receive notifications/ reminders for each fortnightly event. If you’re on our paid plan, visitors can set up a Returning User account in order to register quicker each time.