Prices on length of hire wrong on pedal Boards not paddle boards

On my my page Canoe and kayak adventures, you will see the prices for pedal boards are
1 hour £25 / 2 hours £35 / 3 hours £40 // 4 hours £50 all day 60

length of Hire page
But when people go to book
1 Hour is £25

2 Hours (+ £15) (+ 60 mins) This should read (+10) so it is £35

3 Hours (+ £20) (+ 120 mins) **This should read(+£15) so it is £40

4 Hours (+ £25) (+ 180 mins)

All Day (+ £35)


Please can this be changed and how do i change it if i need to in the future

Hi Neil,

The additional pricing is dependent on the option they choose. If you find the form that is incorrect (booking Forms> Pedal Board Hire> Click the drop down arrow> Click Settings> Form Builder> Find the question (length of hire)> Click Settings you will see the section showing the additional pricing. Simply change it to how you want it and save.