Payment email issues


I have found a stubborn problem which I cannot find a solution to.

When a person books in for their class, they pay for their course but they do not see the confirmation email as it typically goes into their spam. Is there any way to ensure the payment goes through automatically without this confirmation email hassle?
I have also added to our Confirmation of Booking email but seems to get looked over.

Thank you,

Hi Morgan,

I have just submitted a test confirmation for one of our demo accounts through to get back our spam score, and it gave us 9.9/10 - which means it should never have an issue reaching an inbox (Score can be seen here… )

For the customer in question, do you know which email provider they are using? Hotmail & outlook can be particularly strict with spam control.

Is there any text or wording in your confirmation email that could be considered spammy?

Examples of spammy content are…

  • Mentioning spammy words , be sure to not use any of these 474 spammy words. Some are worse than others, but if the main body of content is hitting too many of these then it could get flagged.
  • Using ALL CAPS anywhere in the subject or body text.

I would recommend registering for one of your events using the email address that provides for you, and running the test to see if it offers any suggestions.

Thanks, Chris

Morning Chris,

I was doing updates to our website and testing the payment system as a client would see it - booked an appointment through Rapid Reg, did not place payment but found the confirmation email went strait to the spam folder.
This was on a Outlook account but almost all of our clients use hotmail/outlook/live/gmail/yahoo. That is worrying.

When I spoke to Ciara last, I explained I tried to fix this within my templates but you do not get this email until the payment has gone through.

"I have tried to fix this issue by making sure the confirmation of booking email has stated there is a confirmation of payment message sent but they look to be just booking in over and over again - emails not making the difference. "

The “confirm payment” email is the stock standard email that RapidReg supplies, so I know it was not editing.

It is getting very frustrating as people are already conditioned to either enter a 6 digit confirmation code at payment, or it to go through automatically - done and dusted.
Some of our clients are also not from English speaking backgrounds so it needs to be a simple as possible in a streamlined manner.

Thanks, Morgan.

Hi Morgan,

Apologies that you are feeling frustrated with this, we have tested with sending emails to a combination of hotmail/ outlook accounts and all received to inboxes. However, with ever increasing security on mailboxes, we understand that this may not always be the case.

Just to confirm, the Confirmation email doesn’t get sent until it is paid, because the event is not confirmed until paid. We’d suggest reiterating this to your booking visitors in your form settings > Description / Instructions field:

  1. For paying and confirming their place add for example: Your place on this booking will not be confirmed until you have paid.
  2. To ensure they receive emails add for example: Once paid, you will receive a confirmation email (check you spam folders or add to your safe senders list).