Organiser names + laungage

Is there a way of adding a group organiser name to a date. This way people can register as part of a party booking?
Also if I translate a form into a different langaage does this have to out put as a new activity? Some people joining a group my prefer theri own language to be used.

Hi Combatzone,

Do you have an external booking system you use? For Skirmish Paintball Exeter, we managed to integrate with their booking system so that players could select their group organiser from a drop down list when registering.

If you have an online booking system, we would be happy to provide some example code you could use to achieve this.

Its also worth mentioning that most browsers these days (like Google chrome) will automatically translate the page from english to whatever language your customers use - so you may not need to provide the translation.

Thank you. I use swiftpage act, so could possibly use zapier to import the name. Just need to know either how to do this or can they be added manually failing that?
As for the languages it maybe harder to do as each form/ activity would also need to be integrated with booking system or manually added. As it is web based, you are correct that most browsers will translate. We will be having spare ipads on site with google chrome installed.

If swiftpage is able to show the game organisers filtered by date on an API endpoint, then our API driven fields can point to that.

Alternatively if they have a developer we can send some demo code to, you might be able to get them to provide an integration that our API driven field can read from.

I will need to have a chat to a company to seeif they can help. Can I add the names manually?