How do I become compliant with NY state 'Tracing'?

So by now you’ve heard of the requirements and guidelines that NYS has set forth for venues. The easiest way to become complaint in tracking guests is through using RapidReg track and trace.

Signing up for RapidReg is very easy and just takes a couple quick steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the Login/Register link in the menu or the Start Now Button on the screen
  • If you use the Login/Register link, click I want to create an account
    3.If you Choose to Register with Facebook:

  • Login with your Facebook account

  • Allow Access to RapidReg

  • Fill out your Business name, choose your industry as event Venue, category as Venue Check-in, and timezone
    4.If you choose to not use Facebook, then fill out the boxes below to create your own username and password.

  1. Click Create new account

You’ll get a confirmation email to confirm your email and will have signed up