How can I book out all registrations without booking each one?

I have registrations limited to 5, is there a way of booking out these on the form without having to fill in the 5 registrations embedded on my website?
e.g. someone contacts to book a private function and i need to take out the 5 registrations, atm I am booking out each one via website- looking for a quicker way.
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There’s a couple of options…

  1. Manually edit the form and for the specific date, remove the availability. Make sure you click “for this date only” so it doesn’t mess up repeating availability slots.

  2. You could look into our calendar conflict functionality so it will do it automatically. This allows you to connect your Google calendar and check it for conflicts before someone books on rapidreg. When editing your form, look under the calendar bit and you should see the conflicts options.

Thanks so much for reply, Im finding on trying this that it only makes that whole day unavailable? I have 5 booking slots in each day thats available and only want to make one of these unavailable… only option i have is remove, which removes all that entry for that day in future dates.
While the conflict function looks like it could work, I dont really want to be having to put these also into another calendar…
Is there scope for this to be added? Im aware will probably need to add as a feature request

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You can add in new availability for those days so the slot you want to block out is unavailable, and customers can still book other slots on the same day, but yeah as I said above, this is a bit of a pain as its manual.

The conflict option would still require a manual step to add the slot into a calendar as a black out, but that’s probably easier than adding in a dummy booking 5 times to block out a slot.

As for “is there scope for this to be added” - its kind of already there - you would adjust the availability for that day only. For example, if the normal open time is 9-5 but you want to block off 1pm - 2pm, you’d just remove the 9-5 for that day, and add in a 9-1 and a 2-5.

Thanks for this
Giving the conflict detection a go… see how this works for me.
Thank you

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