Customers not receiving reminder or confirmation emails

There could be a number of reason that your customers aren’t receiving reminder on confirmation emails. Check through each of these below:

  1. Ensure that your forms have emails enabled. Find your form, Manage > Settings > After Registration. Select Settings for the email you want them to receive and ensure enable is selected (green).
  2. Ensure that the text or wording in your emails is not considered spammy. Examples of spammy content are using ALL CAPS anywhere in the subject or body text. As well as mentioning spammy words, be sure to not use any of these 474 spammy words. Some are worse than others, but if the main body of content is hitting too many of these then it could get flagged.
  3. RapidReg does all it can to ensure that customers’ inboxes are more than likely to receive emails. However, with ever increasing security on mailboxes, we understand that this may not always be the case. You can increase chance by including extra instructions in your formsManage > Settings > Description / Instructions field. For example: " Once paid, you will receive a confirmation email (check you spam folders or add to your safe senders list)."