Check Visitors In & Out with Live Mode

If you have registration forms that register clients for certain dates and times, you can use Live Mode . Log into your dashboard and click on Live Mode. Click on the sidebar arrow near the top right to hide and show your search filters.

View & Filter Your Registrations

  1. In your sidebar, select a Date Range that clients have registered for
  2. Select specific form Items to view or All
  3. Select from Group By to group and view registrations by certain form questions
  4. You can also choose to Highlight one or two fields to view answers that have been entered

Check In and Check Out

  1. Find the registration, and click Check In, and if you’re sure, click Yes
  2. When ready, click Check Out, and if you’re sure, click Yes
  3. Your account will record that your registration has checked in and out and Checked Out will show against their registration. This registration cannot Check In or Out again.

See Registrations In Real Time

  1. When Live Mode is activated you’ll be able to see the number of Active Users in the top right.
  2. These are clients that are currently viewing your registration forms.
  3. Any new registrations made whilst viewing Live Mode will appear in your registrations list.
  4. There may be a delay of up to 3 seconds.