A customer has registered but not paid

Increase chances of customers completing payments at the time they are trying to book, by adding in extra instructions into your form’s Manage > Settings > Description / Instructions field. For example, add in “Your place on this booking will not be confirmed until you have paid”

When completing a form that requires payment, customers will experience the following:

  1. When the customer submits the registration form, you will be informed via email and can view their registration and payment status via your Dashboard > Registrations.
  2. Meanwhile, the customer is taken to the payment page and given time to enter their payment details.
  3. If payment is successful, the customer will receive their Confirmation email (if enabled on the form in settings >) and you will see their payment status turn green (hover your mouse over the payment to see extra info).
  4. If payment remains unsuccessful for more than 1 hour, the customer will receive a payment reminder email (including your branding) and a link to attempt the payment again.
  5. If payment is still unsuccessful, you can manually follow up with your customer requesting they make payment via the link in their reminder email.